Who are the Africans buying the Catamarans?

Several Africans have purchased these sailing toys but the leading top three buyers are the South Africans, Tanzanians and the Angolans.

Interior. Source: Vivid Luxury
Interior. Source: Vivid Luxury

“The base price for our smallest catamaran starts at $349,000 for the Leopard 40, Leopard 44 up to $449,000. The Leopard 48 costs $569,000 and the Leopard 58 sells at $1,219,000,” explained Daniel Syman, Catamaran specialist at Leopard Catamarans. “Our Power Cat range sells at $445,000 for the Leopard 43PC and for the 51PC costs $689,000. After purchasing, the owner is at liberty to select a number of optional extras and can also upgrade from the standard equipment.”

Interior of the Leopard 48 Light 26. Source: Vivid Luxury
Interior of the Leopard 48 Light 26. Source: Vivid Luxury

In 2014 Wealth-X stated that Nigeria has a growing number of billionaires overtaking South Africa and with a possibility of also overtaking Egypt in 2015 to have the largest number of billionaires in Africa. There were 20 billionaires identified from Africa in 2014, with a total wealth of $114 billion. The top five cities were these billionaires are based are: Cairo (Egypt), Lagos (Nigeria), Stellenbosch (South Africa), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Casablanca (Morocco).

New World Wealth published a report in 2015 stating that there were approximately 161,000 High Net-Worth Individuals living in Africa at the end of 2014, with combined wealth holdings of US$660 billion.

Individuals searching for where to purchase these toys, often the site of the company.

“We have in October a National Boat Show at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. The boats are built in Cape Town and we launch a minimum of 3 catamarans a week, so there is about always a boat available for viewing,” said Snyman. “Leopard Catamarans also attend the Cannes Boat show, Miami Boat show, South Hampton and other smaller boat shows around the globe.”

The flagship Catamaran is the Leopard 58 and the most popular sailing catamaran is the Leopard 48 and the Leopard 51PC. Majority of these boats are bought by Africans for private use.



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