French brand Delage to open in Cameroon

From travelling by Delage cars to travelling with Delage leather goods. Inside Paris, in an apartment is Delage with its display of bags created from different exotic skins. From Paris, the company will soon be in Africa in 2016, in Cameroon where they will open their first Africa store.

The first store will be in Douala measuring 80 sq. meters and the second store will be opened at the end of the year in Cameroon. Delage is working with a local partner in Cameroon, Madame Séverine Tchumamo. The boutique will cater to both men and women.

FREDA MINI vachette graiinée corail, GINETTE PM C vachette grainée corail, GINETTE PM C vachette grainée blanc


Delage was founded in 1905, basing its house values of authenticity, craftsmanship and attention to detail made the brand.

Their story began with the creation of vehicles in art deco style, with various colours ranging from purple to pink. Delage automobiles represented the elite and many celebrities. Many celebrities of the golden era owned a Delage, such as Josephine Baker and Prince George of Greece, and the models are known as the highest expression of French elegance. Many of these vehicles are now collectors’ items as objets d’art.  When they stopped production of the cars, they embarked on the creation of leather goods inspired by the cars.

1946 Delage D-6 GP-front 3q

From their factory in France with 20 artisans, various bags for men and women are produced using different skins such as lamb, python and goat. Delage caters to both men and women. It takes 8 hours to create a bag. Each and every deluxe leather bag is named after a famous French lady of the 20s and 30s who proudly drove a Delage car.  The leather upholstery and casing crafts are a fusion of the company’s values and know-how. Every Delage bag has a red lining inside, which is the colour of the brand, representing strength of feelings and the attachment to life.

The leather goods collection is the essence of French class, with each deluxe bag refining classic design and representing the finest things in life.

FREDA MINI python noir, FREDA PM python noir, GINETTE PM C python noir

Delage created bags for the Delage Woman, “she is free is free-spirited yet refined, sophisticated yet vivacious and always elegant. She craves luxury and appreciates good style and high quality craftsmanship. The Delage woman loves travelling and discovering new places, and probably enjoys driving and taking road trips whenever possible. She is feminine, proud and a creator of trends. She respects beauty past and present,” quote from Delage.

The leather upholstery and casing crafts are central to the company’s know-how, they tell a story of beautiful, long lasting leather objects.


Born in the Roaring Twenties, Delage expresses joy through the choice of the exclusive leather colors, differentiation in a global timeless style. The Delage red (the Company’s famous color) which is present in the inside of the bag, discreetly expresses the strength of feelings and the attachment to life. Delage invites one to “Carry and wear, the  joy of life.”

1932 Delage D8-SS Speedster




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