Story time: Bugatti and its exquisite cars

Not all cars are classic cars. Not all cars are vintage cars. Not all cars not antique cars.

“Old cars are old cars. They are hollow brands, they have no romance, neither are do they have tragedy. These cars lack a story. They are just old cars and mass produced. When you talk about cultural development of a nation, then you can describe car like Renault 5 as being historic to France but that’s not a vintage car,” explains Dr. Julius Kruta, Head of Tradition, Bugatti. ”Vintage cars have drama, action and a story. This is haute couture, cars of rarity, specially built. Bugatti only built 8,000 cars in 30 years.  Also, human beings love competition, we compete. The most sought out brands have been known for racing and for speed such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, hence their reputation.”

1922 - Typ 30 Junek

Bugatti is not a story of financial challenge but a story of beautiful design, innovation and speed. Ettore Bugatti born in 1881 in Milano, Italy. In 1922 he introduced a car shaped like a cigar Type 29/30 and the next year he introduced Type 32 known as The Tank. His car, that was evidence of his amazing dream was in 1926 with the Type 41 Royale which was the most expensive car built.

The Bugatti family came from a background of artists. This is the only brand that has come from a family of creative individuals. Carol Bugatti (1856-1940), He was the father of Ettore Bugatti and the grandfather of Jean Bugatti. Carlo Bugati was an internationally renowned award winning artists, designer and silversmith. His furniture was famous and influenced by art nouveau.

Type 57 Atlantic Williamson

There are two Bugatti periods that existed; the period of innovation which was by his father Etorre Bugatti and the beginning of the design period, which came with his son Jean Bugatti.

Type 41 Royale Roadster

Etorre Bugatti excelled in creating cars with speed that won races but the design was not yet mind-blowing. Jean came along, his son. He was only allowed to change the design. His dad, Ettore did not allow him to change much in the car. In 1930s, Jean re-designed the car when design of cars was booming in Paris, and he launched the Bugatti Roadster Type 55 and two other cars. The cars were designed in-house, so beautiful and won the concours d’elegance in France.

Jean Bugatti cars always won concours but not his father’s cars. Jean’s cars worn in double digits (in millions) while his father’s cars won in single digit (millions).

The tragedy in Bugatti that adds to the story is that Ettore Bugatti died two weeks before World War 1 while his son died after World War 2, at the age of 30.

A 1931 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster at $4,070,000 is the most-expensive pre-war car thus far in 2018.



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