Sunday’s content of delights & goodies

This the new Sunday blog of enjoyment and delights from all over the globe.  Pour out a glass of Krug in a crystal glass or a cuppa of tea for the afternoon and indulge in my universe of pleasures…

Many society women in China are attending school to learn how to pronounce French words correctly and also how to eat foie gras correctly. You would not eat your banana with a spoon while dressing in a Dior couture dress. Sara Jane Ho has classes for ten days from $23, 000 in China.

This a luxurious wine cellar owned by * Drum rolls* Russia’s President Vladmir Putin.  You can ride a car or train in this underground cave that houses fermented grapes. One of the tasting rooms is 250 feet below sea level and you can hear piped underwater sounds.

The Russian oligarchs, Middle Eastern oil barons, and Asian moguls buying up expensive real estate and require butlers. the fastest-growing butler market of them all, China. “For the Chinese, it’s a status thing,” says Sara Vestin Rahmini, who founded Bespoke Bureau. “They’re like, ’Just send us somebody who looks British, who looks European.’

Every Sunday morning, at 10 a.m. Pacific time, n/naka’s online-reservation system releases a week’s worth of tables for three months in the future; by 10:01 a.m., there are none left. n/naka is in Los Angeles owned and run by Japanese-American chef Niki Nakayama. Japanese cuisine, at the high end, is virtually all made by men. If you do try the restaurant, do share your review with me.

Are you in London, here is a list of restaurants for home delivery and you can pair with champagne or wine:

If you are doing late Father’s Day shopping, here are two lists:

The Louis Vuitton foosball table has hand-painted players, inspired by the LV groom illustration from 1921, and covered in the iconic monogram. ($87,500) For more ideas:

Or … you can buy him the Puiforcat poker set. The playing cards have edges dipped in sterling silver and there are 500 hand-lacquered poker chips. ($155,000)

More of this delicious content next Sunday!

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