Cartier objects of beauty for ladies in 2021

2021 has revealed beautiful pieces for women, with various designs, precious stones and selections that showcase craftsmanship of the maisons.

Petit wristed ladies have highly been taken into consideration this year.

Off we go!


The Panthere is at the core of Maison Cartier. Cartier has been influential in the universe of fine jewelery for the past 170 years. Jeanne Toussaint was the brainchild of the Panthère motif.

Hypnotizing wrist beauty is the Révélation d’une Panthére watch in 37mm and it has 18K rhodiumized white gold in brilliant-cut diamonds, blue mother-of-pearl dial with panther motif.

It is limited with numbered edition of 20 pieces. This is a manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding 430 MC. This is a piece of art.  

La Panthère watch is another reflection of the craftsmanship of the maison. This beautiful piece, animal inspired, with a panther head of 23.6mm, and has 434 diamonds. It is also set in yellow gold, pear-cut emerald eyes, and black lacquer nose. It has a quartz movement. 

The Cartier libre comes into exquisite displays of joaillerie de luxe : the tortue snake watch and the baignoire turtle watch  which both come in limited and numbered editions of 30 pieces.

Cartier libre tortue snake watch

Created in 1912. This beauty has 18K rhodiumized white gold in brilliant-cut diamonds, blue and white mother-of-pearl and elegant black alligator leather strap. It has scaled motifs and shapely curves. Black or coral-coloured enamel, mother-of-pearl with water tones, all brightened by drops of polished gold and closed-set diamonds on the case and the winding crown. Beautifully harmonized. 

Manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding 430 MC. Total dimension of 20.5mm. Power reserve of 38 hours. A limited edition of 30 individually numbered watches. 

Cartier libre baignoire turtle watch

The dial has diamond paving, playful anthracite and black lines, a geometric composition with a scale motif, a case lined with a stripe of buff-top tsavorites, buff-topped sapphires inside the dial and on the corners of three central hexagons. 

A limited edition of 30 individually numbered 

This piece has 18K rhodium-finish in white gold. The case, dial and buckle that is set with 171 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.74 ct). It has 18 sapphires and 24 tsavorites and a navy blue alligator leather strap. Quartz movement.

Pasha de Cartier

It comes in various versions with steel or gold, with or without diamonds. The versions can be interchanged using the Cartier-developed QuickSwitch system that is activated by a single push. 

It is 30 mm with thickness of 8.22 mm.

18K pink gold bracelet and different colours of alligator leather straps.


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