Last minute luxury gift choices

As a luxury concierge company we love gifting and this is the gifting season. 

The year has been challenging and we have curated a gift selection that is not only beautiful but meaningful which is necessary in the times we are facing. The gifts are from global sources and also gifts that play a role in the sustainability and protection of wildlife in Kenya. 

The gifts include 24 carat gold luxury decadent chocolates made by a French chef in France, packaged in a mahogany box, and delivered with the message from the sender. The gift box can also include the logo of a company. These chocolates are delicately delicious.

For people passionate about wildlife, one can acquire sterling silver masterpieces in the shape of turtle candle holders designed in silver and emerald starting from Patrick Mavros.

Holiday season is for dining and the dining room is the theatre where you can display African inspired and created candelabras by Patrick Mavros in spectacular palm trees, elephant herds and giraffe families made of sterling silver.

For car lovers, we have the Baby Bugatti and if you want a piece of James Bond, you can also order the baby Aston Matin.

There is also the option of breakfast with giraffes in Kenya and you can also adopt an orphan animal such as an elephant, which is raised in Nairobi, Kenya and you watch it grow from where you are in the world.

Jewellery lovers can own beautiful earrings in honour of Africa traditions such as ancient Egyptians using rubellites, diamonds, onyx, by Matturi jewelry. Her pieces have been worn by Rihanna, Beyonce’s mother, Priyanka Chopra and other women.

The list goes on and on through our concierge services

To order or request gifts, contact us at :

About Swan Maison :

Launched in 2018 in Paris, France, the concierge company caters to the UHNWI and HNWI. Services include gifting services, personal shopping, luxury vacations & safaris in France and Kenya, second citizenships, private jets, etc The company works with global clients and globally known trusted partners.


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